Sunday, November 1, 2009

Long Table Series - Round 3

Last Wednesday was my 3rd visit to the Long Table Series. The menu item on that day was Roast Suckling Pig with Apple-Rosemary Sauce, Braised Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes. Pint of Orchard Hill Cider - all for $15.00. I've blogged about the Long Table Series a couple of times in my previous posts, so I'm just going to get right down to business and run down the beverages that I had that night.

As I waited for the crew to arrive, I started off with a Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (Seattle, WA) (6.5% ABV). It was my first time having a scotch ale. It's a ruby coloured ale that had a malty, mild smokiness and sweet caramel taste followed with a touch of bitterness. Considering it is a scotch ale, it didn't have an overpowering smoky scotch flavour as I would have expected. Overall, I enjoyed this one. Great sipping beer.

Next, I had the Kronenbourg 1664 (France) (5% ABV) on tap. It's France's #1 selling beer and the UK's second biggest premium selling lager. It's a very light, fruity beer with lots of bubbles. It had a hint of white grape flavour and a dry finish. Very refreshing.

It was time to sit at the table for dinner and we were served the Orchard Hill Cider (Oliver, BC) (7% ABV). Made from real apples, not from concentrate. Sweet with a crisp apple flavour. I am not a fan of ciders and it would not be my drink of choice, but this one was good to sip on with my dinner.

This was my last Long Table Series of the year. I'll be waiting for the next announcement dates. I am going to book more of these the next time around.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living Large In Small Spaces

Tonight, Rachael and I had tea and dessert at Sweet Revenge Patisserie. It's a dessert spot located on 4160 Main Street. The interior is furnished with antique style furniture, chandeliers, oil lamps and red wallpaper. The servers were all wearing red aprons that almost camouflaged them to the wallpaper. It's a small place that is always packed. Be aware, you may be sitting at a table with strangers. There is a divider though, that is placed on the table. It almost felt like I was in a different world, had to remind myself a few times of where I was.

I ordered the White Chocolate Cheesecake($6.75) and a small Belgium Chocolate Tea ($2.35). I've tried several different types of teas from Sweet Revenge and I've never been disappointed. Always full of great flavour. The Belgium Chocolate Tea was excellent. It's a loose leaf rooibos tea with the scent and flavour of mint chocolate. Very smooth with a mint chocolate finish. It's served in an individual teapot and an antique style cup and saucer set.

Whenever you're ready to experience the lilliputian room, go down and check it out. Some say the place is cheesy, some say it's cute, but an interesting date spot.

Just to let you know, there is a minimum order per person of $6.00.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Long Table Series - Round 2

Tonight was my second visit to the Long Table Series. I started off with a drink at the Shebeen Whiskey House. They have over 200 different whiskeys to choose from and their collection continues to build. It's like a kid in a candy store for whiskey lovers. I was in the mood to try out a beer that I've never had before. I ordered the Mill St. Brewery Tankhouse Ale (5.2% alc./vol.) based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's a deep copper red colour ale that is brewed with 5 different malts and an abundance of Cascade hops. It had a malty texture with a dark chocolate taste and a hint of bitterness. Not only did I enjoy the taste, I really liked the embossed bottle and the non paper label. It was an excellent sipping beer before dinner.

Tonight's dinner was Braised Lamb Shank, Roasted Eggplant, Raisins, Pine Nuts and Mint Gastrique with a pint of Guinness. The dinner was amazing as usual... right now, I am still thinking about the Mint Gastrique. I am not a huge Guinness fan, but the bittersweetness of the Guinness was paired really nicely with the flavour of the Lamb Shank.

Check out my Guinness moustache.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Absolutely Fabulous

A huge Absolut Vodka bottle landed today on Nelson Street and Seymour. It looked very interesting. Inside the bottle there was a monitor and a small camera. There was also some kind of step pad in which you would stand on. On the monitor screen it says - Step Into An Absolut World. I didn't try it out, as I was worried that I may not return from the Absolut world. If anyone gets a chance to try this thing, please let me know what it is.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tea for 2

Rachael and I spent the afternoon on Main Street. We were window shopping and checked out what was new in stores for fall. What was new to both of us, was we walked by Shaktea several times before and have been meaning to try this place. It's a nice little tea space on Main St. and E.21st Ave. On the menu there is close to 100 teas to choose from - so many that I wanted to try. We chose the Pumpkin Spice Cream for two ($6.95) which is only available during fall and winter. It contains Rooibos, bended with Nettle Leaves, Apple Pieces and Sunflower Petals. Rooibos is from the Cape in South Africa, which is found to be rich in antioxidants and is caffeine free. It came served in a pot that stood on a tea light stand which kept the tea warm. The tea had a nice scent of spices, not too overpowering and a taste of Rooibos with a vanilla aftertaste. It was also served with little cookies that complimented the tea perfectly. The service was excellent and the staff was very knowledgeable. The experience at Shaktea was a relaxing change from a coffee shop. People actually having a conversation (not filled with students and laptops).

It was a nice way to end a Saturday afternoon.

Monday, September 28, 2009


My friend gave me this Dank Energy Drink (Surrey, BC) to try. The flavour is called Purple Kush. It's new to the market and I've seen it in a few stores on Commercial Drive. Never thought anything of it, as I am not a fan of energy drinks. I guess the selling point is what's stated on their can "Hemp Infused Energy Drink." There are not that many other types of energy drinks out there like this one, that I've seen in Vancouver. I cracked open the can, took a sniff and a sip. My first impression was the scent and taste was almost identical to Red Bull. Not only does it contain Hemp Seed Powder, it's got more Taurine and Caffeine than Red Bull. Is there really a need to have an energy drink that contains Hemp Seed Powder? It definitely gave me a caffeine rush. I know they are trying to aim towards the Cannabis theme, but the name is not so appealing. Imagine walking into a store and asking the store attendant "can I see what your Dank looks like?"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!

I looked out the window this morning and thought to myself, what a great day for a bike ride. Boy, was I wrong. It was sunny but really windy. Leaves flying everywhere and sand blowing in my face. The sun fooled me and it wasn't smart to wear a t-shirt on a windy day like today. Danny and I decided that we would take a ride to the Pirate Pub on Beach Ave. It was my first time there. I was in the mood for a cocktail, so I looked through the drink menu and came across a cocktail called Dark & Stormy (Gosling's Rum, ginger beer, lime and grated ginger root). It is known as Bermuda's National Drink. I really like ginger beer and I was in the mood to give this one a try. The Dark & Stormy was not what I expected. Maybe it's the type of ginger beer that they use. It did not have any sweet or spicy ginger beer flavour. It tasted more like rum mixed with soda water and grated ginger root. Although all of their Signature Rum Cocktails are 2oz. shots of rum, at $8.49, that's a little pricey for me.

I think the pirates robbed me for my money.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peachy Keen

If you are ever looking for a one stop shop, Walmart is the place to go. They got everything. They are open late and I love their "Rollback" pricing. I picked up a 960ml Oasis FruitZoo Peach Clementine juice for $1.00. Nothing to interesting, just like any other kind of juice... just peachy. Not only is this fruit juice enriched with vitamins and minerals, it has a free kids movie pass for any participating movie theatre across Canada when you purchase 4 Oasis FruitZoo products. All you have to do is mail in 4 coupons that are affixed to the cartons. I am going to get a case of this juice. Anyone need some kids movie passes?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I love Acai and would try any drink that contains it. I tried the O.N.E. Acai Acerola Drink today. I've tried other O.N.E. drinks and this one is by far my favorite. It tasted delicious. It's sweetness level was perfect and has a strong Acai aftertaste which I loved. Acai is rich in antioxidants and Acerola supposedly has more vitamin C than an orange. It's a heathy natural beverage that is perfect on a hot day like today in Vancouver.

It's the O.N.E. for me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Apricots and Berries

Last night I went over to a friends house for a BBQ. It's Labour Day long weekend and it's been raining in Vancouver for the last couple of days. We had an excellent summer and it's sad to say that yesterday night may have been the last BBQ of the summer.

Rachael and I picked up 2 different B.C. summertime drinking beer. Cannery Brewing Apricot Wheat Ale and Swans Buckerfields Brewery Berry Ale.

The Cannery Brewing Apricot Wheat Ale (5% ABV) from Penticton, B.C. is a crisp, refreshing wheat ale with an apricot taste. They brewed their first batch of beer in the Old Aylmer Fruit and Vegetable Cannery in Penticton on April Fool’s Day 2001. joke. It's very similar to the St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale. I like the St. Ambroise one better, as it seems to be more smooth tasting.

The Swans Buckerfields Brewery Berry Ale (7% ABV) is a light red coloured ale from Victoria B.C. that is brewed on site at the Swans Buckerfields Brewery. It's a very smooth ale, with an excellent complementary taste of raspberry. It had a light scent of vanilla. I recommend it if you like a fruity beer.

Here is some information that I gathered from their website - No syrups, sugars or "adjunct" are used in their 100% grain mashes, only barley and malts. This ale is naturally carbonated and left to settle or "fine" at cold temperatures rather than being filtered - filtration can remove much of the goodness from beer along with the haze. They also avoid pasteurization, which can mute flavour as well.

It looks like it may be my last BBQ of the summer which means it's probably my last taste of these types of fruity beer, since I usually pair the two together. Though they are calling for sunny skies this Friday...anyone up for a BBQ?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dinner with the Good Beer Folks!

I pulled up to a parking spot on Powell Street. I looked at my watch, it's 6:05PM. I walked down the street and turned onto Carrall Street where I met my beautiful girl. A door swung open and we were greeted at The Irish Heather. We walked into a private courtyard (Shebeen Whisky House) behind The Irish Heather and experienced a large selection of whiskies lined up on the wall. If you love whisky, you have to check this place out. Just enough time to grab a drink before dinner.

We were called into the Salty Tongue Cafe around 6:40PM to find a seat. We sat with 38 other individuals at a 40ft communal table and were introduced to the dinner menu for the evening along with the beer that was paired with it. We had Veal Schnitzel with Mashed Potatoes, Carrots and Anchovy Butter and a bottle of Steam Whistle Pilsner for $12. Wow...what a deal! I would highly recommend it if you can make it out to one of the Long Table Series. Reserve early, as it sells out quick.

The dinner was amazing and was paired really nicely with an ice cold Steam Whistle Pilsner (5.0% ABV). This golden coloured Pilsner is bottled in a distinctive green bottle from Steam Whistle Brewing (Toronto, ON). I love the look of this bottle - vintage looking without any paper labels on it. I am not a Pilsner fan, but this one was really good. It had a crisp/clean malt flavour - very smooth and refreshing. The taste was nicely balanced - it didn't taste watered down nor did it have any overpowering aftertaste. They use traditional brewing techniques and with only 4 natural ingredients (spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast - all GMO-free).

I respect how Steam Whistle Brewing has focused on creating just one type of beer and do it really well. Whistle - woo...woo!

Monday, August 10, 2009

UFC101 with the Buds

With the extreme heat wave 2 weeks ago in Vancouver, everywhere was sold out on fans and air conditioners.  As I went for a walk last week I saw a few stores advertising "fans/air conditioners sold here."  What really caught my eye is a liquor store advertising "Bud Light Lime sold here."  I really wanted to try the Bud Light Lime.  Facebook fans petitioned for the release in Canada and made it happen.

I was over at Rich's house last Saturday watching UFC101 and some of the fights were disappointing.  What really made my evening is that I got a chance to try the Bud Light Lime (4.0 ABV) that Vince brought over.  There was something appealing about the taste.  It had an overpowering taste of natural lime flavor that really disguised the taste of the beer, making it very smooth and refreshing.  It's an excellent summer time beer.  I recommend it for someone looking for an easy drinking, light tasting beer.  Kind of like a Corona with a whole lot of limes.  

If I had to choose between a fan or a Bud Light Lime on a hot day, I think I would choose to cool off with a Bud Light Lime.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grape Drink

Glaceau Vitamin Water Formula 50 (grape) just released in Vancouver.  The grape is one of my favorite flavours of Vitamin Water.  I recommend you go try it for yourself.

Hey Dave Chappelle - sugar, water and of course Purple.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

When it comes down to a Canada Day get together with good friends, there is usually a BBQ and a few beers involved.  Rachael and I went over to Praj/Eva's place today to celebrate Canada Day.  I bought over one of my favorite summer time beers - St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (5%alc./vol).  This apricot wheat ale from McAuslan Brewery in Montreal has a light clean taste with an apricot aftertaste that is just so smooth.

If you ever decide to bring this over to a get together, be sure to bring a few cases.  Your beer will be gone fast.  Just ask Eva.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Vince hooked me up with a M13 Wellbeing juice.  I'm not the type of person that would go out and drop a chunk of change on a 225 ml functional juice.  On the M13 website they retail a 3 pack for $15.99 and a 12 pack for $52.99. When I think of a functional juice, I kind of expected it to have a medicine taste.  I was wrong, It tasted like tart raspberry juice with a hint of black currant.  I like things that are tart and sour, so this was good for me.  It was really easy to go down and it didn't taste how I thought it would.  

Dr. Sunny Lee, a Vancouver physician of traditional Chinese medicine is the creator of M13.  Dr. Lee practices acupuncture and herbology in Vancouver and he received Traditional Chinese Medicine training at the renowned Institute of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong.  

Here is some information from the M13 website.  
The M13 Wellbeing is formulated for balanced health, daily.  It delivers sustained, caffeine-free energy support and works to harmonize internal body systems.  As the equalizer of the Functional Juice family, Wellbeing focuses on daily health maintenance, mental clarity and defense against illness.

There are 2 other all natural functional juices from M13 (Assistance and Calm/Detox) that I would like to try one day.

A M13 a day keeps the doctor away.

Monday, June 15, 2009

There's a new G in town

I really like what Gatorade has got going on.  I think the new packaging and identity of the "G" logo is very appealing.  It's simple and eye catching, while still keeping the signature lightning bolt.  When it's side by side in a store cooler with a selection of different Gatorade flavours, it really stands out.    

the only question I have is...What's G? 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The cans are back in town

Check out my earlier post about San Pellegrino sodas.  

It was only a matter of time in which the San Pellegrino sodas return to Canada in cans.  Looking very sharp with the top of the cans all wrapped in foil.   

Just in time for the summer...welcome back.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1992 - 2009

I've written about Stewart's Ginger Beer in one of my earlier posts.  Today I was told that Stewart's will be discontinuing their Ginger Beer flavour.  I've tried several different ginger beers in the past and I've got to say that Stewart's was one of my favorites - smooth, with a spicy ginger taste that was just so perfect.  I can't believe it's discontinued.  

I should get some tips from this boy and create my own ginger beer.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

You know my Steaz

I went with Rachael to the Vancouver Art Gallery today to listen to Anthony Hernandez narrate his exhibition.  After the interesting artist talk, I grabbed a Steaz Green Tea Lemon Dew Soda ($2.50) at the Gallery Cafe.  We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.

Steaz Lemon Dew (Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic Certified) is a great tasting sparkling organic Ceylon green tea from Newtown, Pennsylvania (The Healthy Beverage Company).  They are passionate in ensuring that their farmers and farm workers on their tea estate receive fair prices for their products, allowing them a better living.  It has natural ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives and chemicals.  I think the Steaz Lemon Dew tastes like a lemon/lime soda.  In fact, I think it has a similar taste to a Mountain Dew, except it is not as sweet and not as carbonated as a Mountain Dew.  It did not have a tart lemon flavour that I would have expected.  It was light and refreshing for the beautiful sunny day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brand New

I've just started seeing more and more of the new Pepsi logo products pop up everywhere around town.  The metallic colours really makes the products stand out.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life is like a bottle of chocolates

Today I tried the Young's Double Chocolate Stout (5.2% ABV) from the UK.  I liked the whole design of the bottle - the label, the embossed glass and the shape.  This was my first time trying a chocolate stout.  When it was poured into the glass, it came out very dark in colour, almost black with a tan coloured head.  It was very smooth with a strong taste of bitter dark chocolate.  I wouldn't usually drink a stout, but this one has such a unique flavour that I would have it again.  It's an excellent sipping beer.  I wouldn't have been able to finish the 500ml bottle on my own, it would've been way to heavy for me.  I think it would taste really good to have with dessert.  Double Chocolate Stout lava cake anyone?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Berry Good

Last Saturday there was a surprise get together for Rachael's birthday.  Danny made a really tasty dinner and I created this cocktail.

The ingredients were:
muddled blackberries
fresh pomegranate juice
Canada Dry club soda
splash of Ocean Spray cranberry cocktail
garnished with goldenberries

I don't know what to call it, but it was damn tasty.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

M Other's Day

I went out with Danny, Jasmine and Nelson for lunch at Moxie's on Davie Street today.  I was very surprised to see that it was not busy, even at 12:30PM on a Mother's Day.  In fact, there were more employees there working, than there were customers.

Moxie's drink feature on Sundays is the Mbar's Signature Caesar for $3.99.  Jasmine and I started off with a Caesar.  Danny got the Moxie's size for an additional $2.00.  There is nothing "signature" about it.  I think that it needed a couple more dashes of Worcestershire sauce and the garnish was weak.  It was garnished with just a celery stick, not even a lime wedge was served.  I prefer Caesars that are garnished with a combination of goodies (for example: celery stick, a lime wedge and throw in a couple of pickled beans or banana peppers).  That is what makes a Caesar.  It just makes the cocktail taste that much better.

Hail Caesar!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I didn't like Chrysanthemum tea when I was younger. My moms went through a phase of making Chinese tea with chrysanthemums that was my chrysanthemum year. I was out buying groceries and I had a hankering for some of this tea. I think I was influenced by Ben Ballers blog Man the power of endorsement. Any rate here's some nutritional facts about the tea (I better talk bout something serious or else Derrick will give me crap)

Vita developed the first packaged Chrysanthemum Tea in 1978, where the original formula still offers the best soothing and refreshing experience. Vita Chrysanthemum Tea has become the most popular and market leading Chrysanthemum Tea in Hong Kong.

Bottom line, I like this tea, it's refreshing and a nice alternative to regular iced tea.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clean Energy for Dirty Minds

The Black/Pink Nike Air Yeezy released yesterday.  They are already popping up on Ebay for as high as $1000.00 CAD.  I was in downtown on Friday around 3PM, there were people already lined up for them in front of Dipt.  I want a pair, but not to the point in which I would camp out for them.  Check out the post on SNEAKERPEDIA for what people in L.A. would do for a pair of Yeezys. 

Since there was so much hype about the Nike Air Yeezy release, I thought that I would post something about Kanye West.  He is teaming up with GURU (100% natural and organic energy drink) to create a new product.

Here is some information that I gathered from the GURU website.

New York - April 8th, 2009 – GURU Beverage Co., a developer and distributor of 100% natural and organic energy drinks built on principles of wellness, health, performance, authenticity and living life to the fullest, today announced a product collaboration with international entertainment icon, Kanye West, to create a new product inspired by his own personal artistic vision.

A fan of GURU since 2007, Mr. West discovered GURU on the streets of New York City and was intrigued by the company’s innovative approach to beverages which combines tangible product benefits with a brand message that supports a healthy and exciting lifestyle and centers around emerging art, fashion, music and culture. Mr. West will be an integral part of the entire development process for the new GURU product and is now an equity partner in GURU Beverage Co. The new product is expected to launch later this year in the U.S. and Canada and additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The announcement coincides with the launch of an innovative marketing campaign dubbed “Clean Energy for Dirty Minds” that will roll out online over the next six weeks. In addition to the product collaboration with Kanye West, GURU will launch a series of “Clean Energy for Dirty Minds” online videos in support of the recent addition of six new products to the GURU energy drink line. The campaign was developed with VIRTUE Worldwide, the in-house brand strategy and creative agency of VICE, based in Brooklyn, NY.

“I express myself through music, fashion, art and design and that's why I am excited to collaborate with GURU; because the brand values what I value, and I can put what inspires me into this new product.” said Kanye West.

Available online through the GURU website, nationally at Whole Foods Market, health food stores across the U.S., as well as in 500 retail locations throughout New York City, GURU is 100% natural and organic and represents a radical shift from traditional energy drinks. The entire GURU product line helps to increase physical and cerebral energy levels and includes the following flavors:

• GURU Original
• GURU Lite (low calorie)
• GURU Full On Lemonade
• GURU Iced Tea Green Tea Honey-Lemon
• GURU Juicy Superfruit
• GURU Juicy Tangerine

“We are thrilled to be able to collaborate in the development of a new GURU product with Kanye West, who’s talent and creativity embody GURU’s philosophy of finding your inner genius, nurturing it and helping it bloom,” said Ray Jolicoeur, co-Founder of GURU. “GURU reflects the health and creative sensibility of today’s consumer who is searching for a drink that reflects who they are and how they live.”

Don't act like I never told ya...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Stewart's since 1924

Every so often, I feel like a good ol' ginger beer.  It's great for times when I have an upset stomach.  One of my favorites is the Stewart's Ginger Beer.  I picked one up from IGA on Main Street today.  It's a smooth soda with a peppery ginger flavour after taste that hits the back of your throat.

Frank Stewart had created a recipe for a great root beer and opened his first Stewart's Root Beer stand in 1924.  From there on, their line of flavours were extended and the Stewart's Ginger Beer was introduced in 1992.

Hey Barq's...this ginger beer has bite!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flower Power

Tonight I went out with Rachael to a movie. Before heading over to the theatre, Rachael wanted to stop by Choices to pick up a few things and drinks for the movie. We were kind of in a rush so I asked her to pick out a drink for me as I waited for her in the car. She came out with a surprise, something that I probably wouldn't consider buying if I went in with her. It was called OOBA.

OOBA is a 100% all natural, sparkling beverage that infuses the pure extracts from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa species of Hibiscus flower. They come in a variety of flavours;

Hibiscus and Lime
Hibiscus and Orange
Hibiscus and Blackberry
Hibiscus and Vanilla
Hibiscus and Pineapple

As you can see, all containing that key ingredient, which also seems to be their selling point. I had the one with just Hibiscus. This healthy beverage is rich in antioxidants and each bottle contains 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C. The ingredients are carbonated water, cane sugar, Pure Hibiscus Extract, citric acid and absorbic acid. It was a refreshingly clean taste. I would say that the taste resembles the taste of blackcurrent. The carbonation and the sweetness level was perfect for this type of drink. At the moment, it's pretty much a one of a kind drink. There are not that many other types of drinks out there yet like this one, that I've seen in Vancouver. Knowing that this beverage contains all natural ingredients and it's healthy benefits, it's a bit more than I would normally pay for just a drink. ($3.49)

Overall, this beverage was OOBA good.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cashew Juice

I recently got some Cashew Juice, Cashew Fruit Juice from O.N.E. I should say. I got it more out of interest. I was actually leary of how it was going to taste, it actually tastes really refreshing. I can't pin point the flavor but I can say it is kinda like a weak passion fruit drink, mixed in with coconut juice type of flavor. If you try it let me know what you think.

Here's some info I found on the web about the juice:

O.N.E. Cashew Juice is a 100% natural, non-allergenic, nutritional beverage with a fresh, light and naturally sweet tropical flavor made from the fruit of the cashew plant, not the nut. This cool new drink is made from water, cashew fruit puree, organic sugar cane juice and citric acid and provides 5X more Vitamin C than orange juice, is less acidic and is a great source of nutrients like beta-carotene, Vitamins B1, B2, and B3, calcium, and iron. Cashew juice may also help remedy upset stomachs, soothe sore throats, protect skin from acne and eczema and fortify the immune system.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Mayor found a Happy Planet

It's going to be sad to see the Capers/Whole Foods on Cambie and 16th close at the end of this month. Rachael and I love going there. We would go there for groceries, dinner, desserts or for a smoothie. Every time we go in there I would always walk down the drink isle to check out their selection and see if there is any new products.

I went to Capers/Whole Foods last night and the Happy Planet Mango Peach Party caught my eye. Once I saw the name, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that "party." It contains organic juice from concentrate and organic fruit puree. The most predominate being mango puree, (and it really does taste like a mango pureed) and a subtle taste of banana and peach. It has a natural fruit sweetness that is not too over powering and does not have an artificial sugary taste. So if you're not a mango lover, this one is not for you.

Happy Planet is a private company based in Vancouver, BC known for their smoothies and organic juices. The company started in 1994 by Randal Lus and the current Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson. They originally started out with just producing organic carrot juice from Gregor's farm. The company now ships several thousand bottles of fruit juices and smoothies per week.

That's a Vision Vancouver.

Diet Coke + Mentos

Friday, April 17, 2009

Canuck$ = Beer$

Tonight was game #2 of the first series for the Vancouver Canucks playoffs.  Congratulations to the Canucks for their victory, 3-0 win over St. Louis Blues.

I was flipping through The Vancouver Sun today and I came across an article about how the playoffs impact our economy and hospitality industry in Vancouver.  Survey results from the B.C. Restaurant and Food Service Association report that there was an increase in liquor and food sales last Wednesday for game #1.

Beer was a big seller of the night, 70.2% increase in sales over an average non game Wednesday night.  Wine and liquor sales were up 45.3%

For those restaurant, bar and pub owners that do not have a television, better get on it quick.  For the owners that do have a television, whether they like hockey or not, are probably yelling "Go Canucks Go!"

King Arthur

I'm a big fan of juices and smoothies. I really enjoy Arthur's Smoothies. I always feel healthier after downing a huge bottle. Right now I'm having the Carrot Energizer. I guess it's not a great idea to have it just before I sleep. I've had other carrot blend smoothies before and this is my favorite. It's easy to drink (I've had some that had too many over powering flavors).

I took the picture of the juice with my blackberry, yes I have found that taking pics with a digital camera, uploading it, resizing it, is tedious. Expect more blackberry pictures in the future.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I got a chance to try a sample of the Kiju pomegranate cherry juice. I believe that this bottled beverage is not out in the market yet. It's a 100% pure fruit juice, grown and processed naturally with no added sugar. An excellent source of vitamin C. It's certified 100% organic and it tasted delicious. It had predominate flavours of sweet apples and a mild tartness of pomegranates. I really like the design of this 355ml glass bottle.

Majority of the fruits are from organic farms in North and South America. The processing and bottling is made in Ontario, Canada.

O Canada!

Lemonade Was a Popular Drink and it Still Is.

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks. It's not too tart, not too sweet. Probably the best lemonade out. Thinking about it is making my mouth water.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bottle Shock

I watched Bottle Shock last Thursday.  It's a 2008 film based on a true story about the events that led up to the Judgement of France in 1976.  It is a feel good comedy/drama.  If you liked the movie Sideways, you may like this one.  Check it out.

"I detect bacon fat, laced with honey melon."  

Friday, April 10, 2009

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

Hawaiian Punch was created in 1934 by A.W. Leo, Tom Yates, Ralph Harrison as an ice cream topping. It was later discovered by customers that it was more suitable as a drink when mixed with water. I didn't think that Hawaiian Punch was still around but apparently so, as here is their website.

This commercial from the 70's featuring Donny and Marie Osmond boasted that Hawaiian Punch contained 10% fruit juice. In the website it advises only 5% fruit juice. Could they have perhaps got rid of 1 of the 7 fruit flavors?

This commercial is another reason why I want to go to Hawaii. Go Hawaiian!

Lime is no lemon

Last night Rachael and I wanted Japanese food and we felt like trying something new. We went to Lime Japanese Cuisine on Commercial Drive. Besides the regular menu, they had a $25.00 three course set menu special to celebrate the cherry blossom season, called the Sakura Set, which we ordered.

They had 3 beers on tap (Lime House Lager, Lime House Ale and R&B Red Devil Pale Ale). We ordered 2 pints of the Lime House Ale at $6.50 each. It came in a dimpled glass pint. I haven't drank from one of these in a long time. It reminded me of my dad's restaurant in the 80's. The Lime House Ale had a caramel/amber colour with a smooth nutty taste. I really enjoyed it - for a dark beer it wasn't too heavy. Now, if it was served in a frosted pint...that would've been off the hook. I think that it would've been novel if they used the restaurant's name to create a signature "Lime Wheat Ale."

Our whole evening was enjoyable - the dinner, live music and drinks. There is nothing sour about Lime.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Funny Face is fun to drink

Funny Face was a powdered instant drink mix by Pilsbury in the 1960's and 70's which competed with Kool-Aid.

This Funny Face commercial didn't last long - the Chinese Cherry was later renamed as Choo Choo Cherry and the Injun Orange was later renamed as Jolly Olly Orange.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I want those flashing lights

I love the beverage vending machines that they have in Tokyo.  There were vending machines everywhere, at almost every block.  It seemed like they were following me around everywhere.  The drink selection was great. (calpis, coffee, coke, teas and vitamin water)  The beverages were nicely displayed, so I knew exactly what I was getting.  It's like the plastic food displays outside some of the restaurants in Tokyo.  I loved that!  

This photo is the same vending machine as the one above except it was taken at night.  Down a darkened street the glow from the machine seemed almost mezmorising.  And I thought the night lights on the Vegas strip were beautiful.

Morning Sun

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a golden sperm?!

I was in Asakusa last Monday.  I looked up in the sky and there it was, a golden sperm.  No... actually it was the Asahi Super Dry hall which was designed by French designer, Philippe Starck.  The "golden sperm" (as it is referred to by locals) is a symbol of Asahi Breweries dynamic heart according to the Asahi Breweries website.  The adjoining building right next to it is the 22 story Asahi Brewery headquarters which was built in 1989.  It was designed to resemble a foamy glass of beer. 

Asahi Breweries is the 2nd largest beer brewery in Japan and soft drink company based in Tokyo, Japan.  Asahi Super Dry is my favorite beer from Japan.  I always order Asahi Super Dry whenever I feel like a beer at an Izakaya or Japanese restaurant.  

"I got my mind set on you."


I just got back from Tokyo yesterday.  Rachael and I stayed at the Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel which is really close to the Shinagawa station.  There is a supermarket at the Shinagawa station that we would go to everyday.  Rachael could not read the Kanji characters, so we just called it "Supermarket".    
Here are a few  beverages that I picked up.

The first night there I got this Rooibos tea drink.  It was a very refreshing drink with a nice light taste and a smooth Rooibos taste finish.  Great summer drink.

Rachael bought this Acai smoothie drink that was really good.  Small bottle packed with excellent Acai taste.

Green goodness - kiwi in a bottle.

BOSS Cafe au Lait
Their slogan says it all, "SUNTORY BOSS is the boss of them all since 1992".  

Sprite with a twist of lemon.  Not very eventful.

I love Asahi - couldn't just settle for one.

This was my favorite pick in Tokyo.  Throughout the trip, I bought this drink a few times.  It's a pear juice that simply tasted like biting into a cold super ripe green Anjou pear. 

Had to save the best for last.  "Cocktail Partner" I had to buy this just for the name.  I partied with my Passion Peach Cocktail Partner that night.  This would be a high school student drink of choice.