Monday, August 10, 2009

UFC101 with the Buds

With the extreme heat wave 2 weeks ago in Vancouver, everywhere was sold out on fans and air conditioners.  As I went for a walk last week I saw a few stores advertising "fans/air conditioners sold here."  What really caught my eye is a liquor store advertising "Bud Light Lime sold here."  I really wanted to try the Bud Light Lime.  Facebook fans petitioned for the release in Canada and made it happen.

I was over at Rich's house last Saturday watching UFC101 and some of the fights were disappointing.  What really made my evening is that I got a chance to try the Bud Light Lime (4.0 ABV) that Vince brought over.  There was something appealing about the taste.  It had an overpowering taste of natural lime flavor that really disguised the taste of the beer, making it very smooth and refreshing.  It's an excellent summer time beer.  I recommend it for someone looking for an easy drinking, light tasting beer.  Kind of like a Corona with a whole lot of limes.  

If I had to choose between a fan or a Bud Light Lime on a hot day, I think I would choose to cool off with a Bud Light Lime.