Monday, September 28, 2009


My friend gave me this Dank Energy Drink (Surrey, BC) to try. The flavour is called Purple Kush. It's new to the market and I've seen it in a few stores on Commercial Drive. Never thought anything of it, as I am not a fan of energy drinks. I guess the selling point is what's stated on their can "Hemp Infused Energy Drink." There are not that many other types of energy drinks out there like this one, that I've seen in Vancouver. I cracked open the can, took a sniff and a sip. My first impression was the scent and taste was almost identical to Red Bull. Not only does it contain Hemp Seed Powder, it's got more Taurine and Caffeine than Red Bull. Is there really a need to have an energy drink that contains Hemp Seed Powder? It definitely gave me a caffeine rush. I know they are trying to aim towards the Cannabis theme, but the name is not so appealing. Imagine walking into a store and asking the store attendant "can I see what your Dank looks like?"

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