Monday, March 30, 2009

Funny Face is fun to drink

Funny Face was a powdered instant drink mix by Pilsbury in the 1960's and 70's which competed with Kool-Aid.

This Funny Face commercial didn't last long - the Chinese Cherry was later renamed as Choo Choo Cherry and the Injun Orange was later renamed as Jolly Olly Orange.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I want those flashing lights

I love the beverage vending machines that they have in Tokyo.  There were vending machines everywhere, at almost every block.  It seemed like they were following me around everywhere.  The drink selection was great. (calpis, coffee, coke, teas and vitamin water)  The beverages were nicely displayed, so I knew exactly what I was getting.  It's like the plastic food displays outside some of the restaurants in Tokyo.  I loved that!  

This photo is the same vending machine as the one above except it was taken at night.  Down a darkened street the glow from the machine seemed almost mezmorising.  And I thought the night lights on the Vegas strip were beautiful.

Morning Sun

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a golden sperm?!

I was in Asakusa last Monday.  I looked up in the sky and there it was, a golden sperm.  No... actually it was the Asahi Super Dry hall which was designed by French designer, Philippe Starck.  The "golden sperm" (as it is referred to by locals) is a symbol of Asahi Breweries dynamic heart according to the Asahi Breweries website.  The adjoining building right next to it is the 22 story Asahi Brewery headquarters which was built in 1989.  It was designed to resemble a foamy glass of beer. 

Asahi Breweries is the 2nd largest beer brewery in Japan and soft drink company based in Tokyo, Japan.  Asahi Super Dry is my favorite beer from Japan.  I always order Asahi Super Dry whenever I feel like a beer at an Izakaya or Japanese restaurant.  

"I got my mind set on you."


I just got back from Tokyo yesterday.  Rachael and I stayed at the Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel which is really close to the Shinagawa station.  There is a supermarket at the Shinagawa station that we would go to everyday.  Rachael could not read the Kanji characters, so we just called it "Supermarket".    
Here are a few  beverages that I picked up.

The first night there I got this Rooibos tea drink.  It was a very refreshing drink with a nice light taste and a smooth Rooibos taste finish.  Great summer drink.

Rachael bought this Acai smoothie drink that was really good.  Small bottle packed with excellent Acai taste.

Green goodness - kiwi in a bottle.

BOSS Cafe au Lait
Their slogan says it all, "SUNTORY BOSS is the boss of them all since 1992".  

Sprite with a twist of lemon.  Not very eventful.

I love Asahi - couldn't just settle for one.

This was my favorite pick in Tokyo.  Throughout the trip, I bought this drink a few times.  It's a pear juice that simply tasted like biting into a cold super ripe green Anjou pear. 

Had to save the best for last.  "Cocktail Partner" I had to buy this just for the name.  I partied with my Passion Peach Cocktail Partner that night.  This would be a high school student drink of choice.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We are all Canucks (and Canadian)

I reluctantly went to the Canucks game on Tuesday, March 3rd. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't normally venture out on weeknights. Despite my reservations we managed to have a helluva time. We ducked into Moxy's just before game time for a quick bite and a beer. Their Amber Ale (house brand) was not bad. Smooth, medium bodied and chilled to the core. It went well with a surprisingly well-made beef dip I ordered for about $10. My glass, filled with 18oz of this liquid gold, hit our table while still fully frosted. Not a bad start to the night.

With under 7 minutes until the opening faceoff, we bolt for the gates and our seats... except Rich made a pitstop to pick up two of these bad boys... a Canadian lager served in a plastic cup (fully loaded with a spill-proof lid!). We followed this act with 3 more rounds at the spectcular price of $8.75 each. (It seemed like a good deal at the time... we may have been influenced by the earlier drinks). And, although the beer may be local, unassuming, and seemingly watered down, it turned out to be the perfect beverage to savour the taste of victory. The only thing that I could have done without was getting carded by some teenage girl probably 15 years younger than I am. She can serve me beers, but it wouldn't be legal for her to lick the overflow that ended up on her wrist. Go figure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Red Crappe

Tonight I went out to the Waves Coffee at 2588 Main Street.  Lately I've been really into their red espresso.  The Red Symphony (red espresso, white chocolate and steamed milk) is the drink that I usually order whenever I go there.  Tonight I wanted to try a different red espresso drink so I ordered the Red Frappe. (red espresso and milk blended with ice) 

I was very disappointed.  It tasted like watered down milk with a hint of red espresso.  I think that it needed another shot of red espresso and some kind of sweetener to be added. (actually on the red espresso website they suggest that for a sweeter taste to add honey or white chocolate) After a couple of sips all I was left with was a half a cup of blended ice.  All of the liquid was sucked out of the drink.  I think that the measuring ratio may have been incorrect, because I ordered the smallest size and after my drink was poured, there was still enough frappe left in the blender to fill 3 more cups.  

It was by far the worst frappe drink that I have ever had, but I will give the Red Frappe another chance.  Please make me reaffirm my faith in the red espresso product.